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About Us

Here is a short brief about our Legacy

We support students in every step of their journey to become succesfull

Srisht Media Academy is established under the aegis of Srishti Foundation ® a charitable trust focusing and is dedicated towards the promotion of career-oriented education for the populace, brings the multifaceted in Media sector by redefining media managed by India’s most renown with many national & international awardee and Investigative Journalist Ms. Vijayalakshmi Shibaruru and DR Syed Mohid Altaf.
Redefining Media being the motto & objective, redefines the methodology of education.

A place where you can achieve

Education encompasses both the teaching and learning of knowledge, proper conduct, and technical competency.

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Some key points to consider when looking for a journalism institute

  • Accreditation
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty
  • Internship and placement opportunities!

Video Editing

Real innovations and Technology should meet for great output and the institute should compose the skills below

  • Course curriculum
  • Facilities
  • Industry connections
  • Student projects

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing need experts make sure you become job ready look for the below Qualities in an institute

  • Faculty
  • Reputation
  • Facilities
  • Job placement
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Why Choose us?

What makes us stand out from Others

Quality of Teaching

The quality of teaching is one of the most important factors that make a coaching institute the best. our institute has well-qualified and experienced teachers who can deliver quality education to the students.

Study Material

The study material provided by our institute should is of high quality and covers the entire syllabus in detail. The study material is also updated regularly to keep up with the latest changes in the curriculum.


The infrastructure of the institute plays a crucial role in creating a good learning environment. Ou institute has well-equipped classrooms, libraries, computer labs, and other facilities that are required for effective learning.


Expert Instructors


Total Courses


Happy Students


Creative Events

Success Rate

The success rate of the institute is another important factor that makes it the best. We are able to provide data on the number of students who have achieved success in various competitive exams and other academic pursuits.

Value for Money

Our coaching institute  provides value for money to the students. The fees charged by the institute is reasonable and students can focus on training rather than fees

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Team of Instructors

Our team of instructors is a group of individuals who are responsible for delivering educational content and facilitating learning experiences for students

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